Masternodes GmbH

We build the infrastructure and portfolio for the next evolutionary phase of the crypto market

We invest in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies which are led by a proven team with strong tech background. Our main focus is to investigate the most promising projects which generate a passive value increase, such as POS or Masternode currencies.

With portfolio management being one of our core competencies, our goal is to permanently outperform the market index. In order to achieve this goal, we apply a multitude of strategies, such as (but not limited to):

  • Re-investing the infrastructure rewards for a smooth and effective compounding effect on the company assets
  • Constant monitoring of infrastructure and returns/rewards
  • Re-allocation of company assets based on permanently reviewed risk-rewards expectations

Investment focus

We acquire cryptocurrencies and tokens with strong fundamentals

We invest in a broad basket of diversified cryptocurrencies that cover a wide array of industries, ranging from decentralized internet infrastructure, to democratizedbanking, to privacy, to uncensorableapplications, and others. Investments are weighted towards established assets, but also include new ICOs (initial coin offerings) and new STOs (security token offerings) that have potential for outsized returns.

Our Team

Our team’s diverse backgrounds bring expertise in crypto sphere, asset management and technology

picture of the founder rolf kloeppel

Rolf Klöppel, Managing Director

Rolf is responsible for the portfolio management, due diligence and business development. He is a Serial Entrepreneur since 1995. He founded Gamigo AG ( Exit ) among many others. He works in crypto since 2016.


Sören Martius, Chief Technical Officer

Sören is responsible for our infrastructure and fund security. He is an entrepreneur and tech-enthusiast since 2006. He is in crypto since 2015 and worked with a lot of projects and different blockchains.